The intelligent house

Self-controlled lights, blinds, heating and alarm system!

Terms like ‘the intelligent house‘ or ‘intelligent building services engineering'
are being used in the electrician trade for quite some time. Their meaning stands for the ability of automation and distant control within the electrical installation.
This is out of keeping with an increasing tendency for more comfort and also provides economic advantages.

Rooms in ‘the intelligent house’ will be tempered by adequate heating when they are going to be in use.
Energy costs can be saved effectively.
There are many more possibilities. Different crafts like lights, music, blinds, ventilation and household utensils can be controlled by a central place. Conceivably is the programming of certain light scenes, multimedia or music entertainment in every room, automatic garden watering and much more.

Conventional electrical installations can only meet the requirements to a limited extent and only with increased efforts and material costs.
Therefore, planners and investors choose this house and building technique in EIB/KNX global standard, which meets the requirements for EN 50090.


Intelligent network

The intelligent building services engineering is carried out through the flexible Bus-technology. Different appliances communicate and exchange information within the Bus-system. Several functions can be connected with each other or changed cost-effectively by reprogramming and be controlled by a central place.

The realisation of the Instabus-system happens by laying an Instabus-control wire parallel to a power supply line. All Instabus-appliances will be connected with it and one switch can control several consumers, even though it is not directly connected with them. The connection with the Instabus-line is adequate.

Example for a terminal with touchscreen:
Located anywhere in your apartment, the terminal in its resting state shows your favourite picture and changes to a modern user interface by touching it once with your finger. Now you can control all services within your apartment.