Intelligent energy and heat distribution systems

Heat generation

Energy prices are increasing permanently and quickly, so a trend of prices in ten years is nearly unpredictable.

The use of renewable energies should not only be arranged because of ever-growing commodity prices, but for guaranteeing the heating respectively the cooling of new planned and built communities and buildings.

Even though the energy price is not the decisive factor for some proprietors, it is even more important for these customers that there is a sufficient supply of their used comfort. This is not fulfilled by most of the buildings.

Planned and provided is an earth-source heat pump with deep drilling and a soil probe through thermal contracting.

Deep drillings with a depth of up to 100 metres will be created and probes are set into. The amount of probes adjust to the calculation of the required cool and heating oppressivenesses as well as the structure of the soil.

The probes will be brought together and filled with a brine in a distributor shaft underneath the underground carpark. This brine hauls the energy from the soil to the heat pumps and is rehashed to heating energy.

Modern clima modules based on heat pumps only need 25% of energy. The rest of it is produced in the soil for free.

the advantages of the planned energy systems are:

-          complete solution from a single source

-          only 50% of energy costs

-          absolute guarantee of delivery

-          reading consumption unit by radio (by the heat supplier)

-          no inconveniences or restrictions of the residents or proprietors

-          remote supervision of the whole system, quick response time by the service

-          most modern technique

The heat distribution

Wall heater batteries will be put up, plastered and used for heating and cooling the living spaces. This kind of heating and cooling areas are neither visible nor limit the furnishing of your apartment.
An invisible heating and cooling area with an ideal radiation and storage capacity, widespread and comfortable. Tempered walls convey a special comfortable and healthy indoor climate. A mild radiation conveys an optimal ambient temperature and the highest possible comfort.

Why radiant heat or cooling:

- no airspeed

- evenly warmth and cool in the whole room

- no air vortex and dust lift as with heaters.

- no maintenance and repair costs

- unlimited possibilities for interior design

- minimal flow and heating surface temperature

- usable for every prospective energy

- heating middle temperature approx. 28 - 30°C

- cool middle temperature approx. 18-22°C

- comfortable and future-oriented

- Controlling heating and cooling by thermostat

- energy-saving

- a room climate which leaves nothing to be desired

- heating is standard, creating a comfortable room clima through heating and cooling is our standard and the future of high-class living.

- shower is heated in wall region

- wall mirror is heated, so clear view in the bathroom is always possible

- heated shelf for towels